Favourite Facebook Ads of the Week (July 31st – August 6th)

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August 8, 2017 By Abacus

At Abacus our days are filled with creating awesome and effective Facebook ads for our clients. We always see inspiring ads floating around, so we decided to put a spotlight on our weekly favorites. Check them out and find inspiration for your own ads!

(July 31st-August 6th)



“I really found that the creative on this ad stood out – a beautifully drawn picture of a child riding a bear isn’t something you normally see on your News Feed! The copy is also concise but offers the necessary information. “


– Michael Stevens, Project Manager




“Loving the use of the long-format carousel that’s been cut. Images are bright and eye-catching with the “Save 50%” box in a colour that stands out! Body copy is also a perfect length (not too long, not too short) with a solid CTA button. Overall great use of creative. “


– Kat Spargalo, Social Strategist



“I like simplicity of the headline and link description, and the tongue in cheek copy. Food porn always works too!”


– Peter Reitano, CEO



“Sonos have stuck to their minimalist black and white theme and adapted it to Facebook by telling a story using simple but effective video.”


– Ross Walsh, Senior Performance Marketing Manager



“Perfect use of colour and animation from the masters of FB ads”


– Jeff Goldenberg, CSO



“On top of bright colours to catch someone’s attention, it also offers a feature that’s almost too good to pass up. Insured in 5 minutes? They got my business (for real!)”


– Christian Khan, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing



“Their Kickstarter video is great. Go check it out, I’m sold “


– Ian Martins, Director, Performance Marketing



“Love the breakdown of each day of the week! Gets me thinking about what I’m eating everyday. Also, the editing of the video is spot on and so engaging!”


– Amanda Desouza, Community Manager


If you are the owner of any of these ads and would like to have them removed, please contact us.