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We have offices in Toronto, New York, and LA and our clients are all over the world.

We're decentralized, collaborative with other forward thinking agencies, hyper specialist and anti-full service.

Meet Our Founders

Peter Reitano

Co-Founder and CEO

Agency side marketing veteran with 10 years in the industry. Built and sold Spark Marketing, teaches digital marketing at Bitmaker Labs, mentors at Futurpreneur, and regularly speaks at conferences and industry panels around the world.

Jeff Goldenberg

Co-Founder and CSO

Client side marketing veteran with 15 years in the industry. Mentors at 500 Startups and Google Startup Next, ran marketing and customer acquisition for Borrowell, culminating in 100k free credit scores given out and Fintech partnership with CIBC.

Meet Our Advisors

Bruce Croxon

Round 13 Capital, Dragon’s Den

Karla Congson

Former CMO Dundee, Founder Collective IQ

Vlad Dascalu

Strategist, Pinch VR, Deal Tap

Philippe Garneau

GWP Brand Engineering

Anthony Lipkin

VP Growth & Partnerships, Symbility Intersect

Robert Morand

GWP Brand Engineering

Erin Bury

Eighty Eight, Marketer / PR Expert & Entrepreneur

Who We Are

We’re Specialists.

Most agencies claim to be full-service or multi-disciplinary practices. At Abacus, we don’t try and do everything, because we’re fantastic at a few things. We throw all of our expertise and energy into our Facebook and Instagram Ads specialty so that we’re consistently in the top of our field. We maintain this status by prioritizing data-backed strategies, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on experience and expertise.

We have a Lean Team of Experts.

We don’t sell you on the directors and then make you work with interns fresh out of college. We have a crack team of experienced marketers, and you work directly with them. We’ve hand-picked our incredible team of experts, all of whom have years of hands-on experience with Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

We Innovate.

We’re highly analytical, but we also embrace change, dynamism, and new ways of thinkings. Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule is a guide to achieving mastery, but this is not the same thing as innovation. The catalyst for innovation is freshness of perspective, and demands it new thinking and creativity.
“It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different” - John Templeton

We’re Collaborative.

A new economy is emerging, and it’s leading us in a new direction: the direction of collaborating, sharing, and helping. We’re excited to be a part of this evolution. We predict that there will be a new openness emerging in the years to come that will see greater collaboration across agencies and the creation of a network of highly-skilled partners to aid delivery.

The best agencies will need to collaborate in an interconnected marketing ecosystem. If brands want to get the absolute best results, they have to work with a network of specialists who are each the best in their field at one thing and ready to collaborate with other agencies, rather than one full-service agency who are generally just okay at most things.

Plenty of brands are embracing this change, and are building a roster of experts for their marketing network. Abacus is the go-to Facebook Ads agency, using the platform to aid in user acquisition and growth-focused technical marketing.

We’re great at what we specialise in, and we’re great at collaborating with brands and other agency partners. All of this benefits you.