Getting to Taste the Industry | An Intern’s Experience

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August 8, 2017 By Abacus

Three Days at Abacus


With only one year left in my three-year program, naturally, I’m anxious to see where I will end up come graduation.


See for me, I’ve always been jumping feet first into the next best thing, so when I found out a distant cousin of mine, Kat, graduated from the same program I had, I was quick to get in touch with her to learn about what Advertising was all about post graduation.


Luckily, she asked her boss if I would be allowed to stop in and check out how it all worked at Abacus. Being from Windsor, the opportunity to come assist at an agency in Toronto is kind of a big deal (well, it certainly is for me anyway).


Four days later I was on the train headed to Toronto.


I was really curious to see what the culture would feel like, how the employees operated and the overall atmosphere of the agency. Abacus opened my mind to what life as an advertiser could really be like, as well as the varieties of career pathways actually existed.


Day one, I felt totally out of the loop. Everyone (besides me) was wearing black! I loved that a ‘thing’ such as this existed, it’s one-way Abacus truly feels like a team.


Besides that, everyone was extremely welcoming to the idea of having me around and many of the employees took the time to talk to me about what role they play in the 9 person team at Abacus.


Each and every person I chatted with came from a different place, too, (education, geographical location, etc.) which was great to hear about and see how their life in advertising came to be.


I most connected with the community manager, Amanda, because she’s very close to me in age and does a job that I think I would really enjoy as a starting point in my career.


One of the other things I loved about Abacus was that it was a ‘start up’. It was neat to see how successful such a small agency could be with only a short amount of time existing in a cluster of competing agencies in big city Toronto.


They work on clients including The Body Shop, CIBC, TIFF, and others that I purchase from or see in my daily life, which is so surreal. THIS is the stuff that gets me stoked to begin my career in an agency.


Oh– and did I mention free food?


Yeah… essentially any kind of coffee you might want, snacks galore (that includes chocolate) all at the convenience of being across the room. Too good to be true, right?


Long story short, Abacus was an incredible place to visit to learn more about the industry and the process behind the ads you see in your newsfeed on a daily basis. Everyone here is so incredibly intelligent, kind and willing to lend a hand.


This agency is doing it right… Come graduation, I hope to continue to visit and learn from the people here. Advertising is known to be a very cut throat industry, but Abacus feels like home.


Shoutout to the team- Thank you guys for letting me stay with you the last three days. I’ll be sure to engage on all forms of social media from Windsor!




Sammar C.